Jessica Nolin

29 Oct 2019

From high-profile companies to local entrepreneur business structures in her home town of Palmer, Alaska, Jessica Nolin currently serves her clients as an experienced talent and human resources developer and strategic advisor.

She found her tireless work ethic and cultivated a rich networking community in facilitating personal and professional growth for America’s rising independent females while volunteering for Miss Universe Organization, including while being crowned as Miss Alaska USA, 2009.

Jessica established her early career within Nordstrom, then
CHANEL in New York, working for nearly 7 years. Presently serving as Talent Branding Partnerships Leader at UiPath, global headquarters, Park Ave. New York City

Living in New York, NY, she takes pride and excels in being a single-mother, raising the next generation of empowered female presence, and contributor to fledgling concept company project, Current Avant.

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