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Below you will find access to sessions from previous development events. These sessions will give you some insight into the type of presentations you can expect to see at the 2019 Employee Learning & Development Summit.

Download the 2019 Employee Learning & Development Summit agenda to see what we have planned for you this year.

Please feel free to share the videos below with your team. We also have group discounts available for the 2019 event. Email Renee Preston at renee.preston@sharedxpertise.com or call 215.606.9562 for more information.

Advancing into the Future –
Leadership for the 21st Century
and Beyond

Yvette Montero Salvatico

Managing Director, Kedge


The world is changing in unprecedented ways, and our businesses and leaders must also evolve to ensure their relevancy. Leading organizations in these volatile and complex times require new approaches and mindsets. Trends in society, technology, sustainability, and the economy are all converging in unexpected ways, forever changing the way people view the world. The organizations and leaders that anticipate this value shift and make the appropriate course adjustments will be positioned to benefit from the opportunities that result. Those that remain tied to current business practices and outdated ways of developing leaders will likely fail. By adopting a resilient, adaptive and transformative leadership philosophy, leaders will not only be poised to take advantage of the present landscape of unprecedented change but also uniquely positioned to champion the creation of a new type of sustainable enterprise for years to come. Yvette will detail the 21st-century leadership philosophy and participants will have an opportunity to assess how they fit into these themes through an interactive quiz.

Evolve – Creating a Culture
of Continuous Feedback


Chris Vanzetta
Head of Talent Development, Reddit


Harnessing the power of effective continuous feedback has the ability to not only develop talent but catalyze change within organizations. Many companies are paralyzed by heavy performance review systems and ill-equipped managers. Feedback becomes burdensome and daunting. Employees fail to develop and ultimately attrit, costing companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Invest in developing a core culture of feedback and watch your company evolve. Learn how Reddit embraces the uncomfortable and breaks the paradigms of feedback – one post-it at a time.

Using Head, Heart & Guts
to Develop Leadership
@ Every Level

Julie Staudenmier
Vice President, Global Talent Management and Development, Pfizer

Pfizer’s talent organization and executive leadership team set out to redefine its approach to leadership development to elevate the impact of leadership on reinforcing and sustaining Pfizer’s high-performance culture. The new leadership framework went viral in less than six months, exceeding even the most optimistic launch expectations. What was the secret sauce? How did we ensure integration and linkages of key leadership behaviors across all levels of Pfizer leadership? And what steps are we taking to ensure that early successes in comprehensive leadership development are sustained and truly drive performance? Pfizer’s global head of talent management and development will share how we accelerated our ability to make “Leadership @ Every Level” a reality at Pfizer.

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